Life Plan Organizer

We offer a Life Plan Organizer that will help you get your house in order.  It will guide you in organizing your Health, Banking & Investments, Insurance, Estate and Personal Items.  It gathers these items in one place and makes it simple for you to stay organized.   


Having this information organized could literally save your life!  These are the items that you need to have with you in case of a medical emergency.  The organizer helps you review your Emergency Contacts, Medications & Supplements, Health Insurance, Health Information & History, Living Will/Advance Directives, Medical Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney.

Banking & Investments

Do you have multiple accounts with different banks, companies or advisors?  Let's get organized!  The organizer instructs you to list out your Bank Accounts, Investments, Retirement Accounts, Safe Deposit Boxes, Credit Cards, Mortgages and Loans, and your Important Contacts.


Don't forget to provide policy information on your Personal and Property Insurance.  


Sometimes it is hard to face the truth that you might not be here tomorrow.  The organizer will suggest you have a Will and Estate Plan and it will inquire about Funeral Arrangements and other Important Info to help tie up loose ends.  You don't have these?  Make it a goal to get them done within this year!  Your family will thank you.


If all of the above wasn't enough, we don't forget other items that are just as important to keep you organized and to possibly help a family member who needs to easily access your information.  These items are Legal Identification documents, Property & Titles, Tax Documents, Online Accounts and Passwords, Memberships and Subscriptions, and other important documents.


Life is a journey and we want you to be confident that you are on the right path.  The road from here to there is shorter for those who know the way.